bite correction

invisible braces

Aesthetics is important

WIN lingual braces are a customized lingual braces made of a safe cobalt-chromium alloy, created by the German company DW Lingual Systems GmbH. Manufactured using digital technology, which guarantees a predictable result. Lingual braces are placed on the inner surface of the teeth, so they are completely invisible to others.

Fixation of lingual braces occurs on the inner surface of the tooth and is used for relatively mild occlusal anomalies.

The procedure has no contraindications, but it is important to follow the rules of hygiene, diet and doctor's recommendations. Treatment can be carried out both for young patients and people of age.

Fixation of braces is a painless process and is not associated with discomfort. Braces are attached to all teeth in turn without any treatment of tooth enamel.

Properly planned orthodontic treatment has no contraindications. The procedure is painless for the patient and immediately after its completion returns to the normal rhythm of life.

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Bite correction with invisible braces

Invisible braces work just as effectively as conventional braces, but require attention due to their lower strength.

determine the reason for the position of the teeth

We design the sequence and direction of movement of the dentition

individual modeling

invisible individual braces

Retain high aesthetic properties, but require more frequent activations

professional hygiene for the period of treatment with braces

Obligatory professional dental hygiene in the field of braces
flat surface
individual arches
adapted to your teeth
  • flat surface
  • individual arches
  • adapted to your teeth

Lingual orthodontics refers to the correction of uneven teeth with braces fixed to the inner surface of the teeth. At the same time, the teeth move just as quickly and efficiently as in the case of treatment with "conventional" external braces. Lingual braces, almost invisible from the outside, are an aesthetic solution for correcting malocclusion. Only you will know that you have braces.

Correction of bite pathology is possible at any age, provided that the periodontal tissues are healthy. When treating both adults and adolescents using lingual equipment, an individual approach is always possible to achieve an ideal result.

The cost of bite correction with invisible braces

We will preserve the aesthetics of the smile during the treatment.


dentist - orthodontist

Diagnostics and preparation


photo protocol
3D scanning
orthodontist consultation

100 €


100 €

taking a dental impression

Treatment process

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Modeling and manufacturing of individual braces in Germany

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Fixation of braces system

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arc change

Treatment process

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A set of measures in the retention period after orthodontic treatment (retainers, observation for 2 years) for patients who have completed full treatment, for one dentition.

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