Dental implantation

How do we restore teeth

Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. The introduction of digital technologies has made this procedure even easier. Modern techniques have significantly reduced the time of treatment and trauma.

If you need to restore missing teeth, please contact us. We have accumulated a lot of experience and will offer you the best solution to this problem.

Marika Kublashvili

founder of the clinic, professor, surgeon implantologist

We will carefully guide you through all stages of treatment

Diagnostics and preparation

Comprehensive diagnostics

Study of a computed tomogram, analysis of the state of bone and soft tissues, selection and positioning of an implant, drawing up a treatment plan.

Oral cavity sanitation

Prepare the oral cavity for implant placement. We will cure caries, stop all inflammatory processes.

Implantation and prosthetics

Implant installation

  • we remove teeth, agreed in the treatment plan.
  • if necessary, we perform bone and gingival grafting
  • we install implants

Installing the healing abutment

We install the gingiva former for 2-3 weeks in order to obtain an aesthetic gingival margin for subsequent prosthetics.

Installing the crown

We install an individual abutment, fix the crown

Experienced implant surgeon

Marika Kublashvili

Marika Kublashvili

Dentist surgeon implantologist

Over 15 years of experience in the field of maxillofacial surgery and implantology. Without a doubt one of the best oral and maxillofacial surgeons in town. Most patients want to get an appointment with him and this is true, because the doctor has extensive experience, on account of his thousands of delivered implants, sinus lifts, bone plastic, periodontal intervention during implantation, one-step implantation.

According to patients, he has “golden hands” and does the impossible. Once you get a consultation with Marika Kublashvili, you will definitely want to stay for treatment with this particular doctor.

The cost of "turnkey" dental implantation

The price includes all the necessary procedures and materials

Marika Kublashvili

Dentist surgeon implantologist

Implant placement

jaw tomography

bone analysis



implant placement

doctor's appointments

Fixation of the crown on the implant

gum formation

position scan

color definition

crown design


crown fixation


Advantages of implants that are installed in the clinic

--- ლ

restoration of 1 tooth "turnkey"

Osstem implant
zirconium crown

--- ლ

restoration of 3 chewing teeth

2 implants
zirconia bridge

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The surgeon's commentary on the implantation operation.

Marika Kublashvili

dentist - surgeon

How much does the treatment cost
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