Tooth restoration

in one visit

You walk out of the clinic with a tooth

Loss of a tooth in the visible area affects the perception of us by the people around us. Naturally, you want to correct the position and restore the tooth as soon as possible.

We can restore a lost tooth in one visit. This is done with a special series of implants with more active threads.

The implant is firmly fixed in the bone and allows immediate placement of a temporary crown. Thus, you will leave the clinic with the restored dentition.

Marika Kublashvili

founder of the clinic, professor, surgeon implantologist

We will restore the tooth on the day of treatment

One-step dental implantation

Implantation and prosthetics
immediately after tooth extraction

В случая когда отсутсвие зуба требуется исправить незамедлительно, мы применяем имплантаты с особым типом резьбы. Благодаря своей форме он позволяет достичь большей первично стабильности сразу после установки.

Tooth extraction and implant placement in one visit
Installation of a temporary crown immediately after implantation

Stability allows a crown to be placed on the implant, thereby closing the dental gap.

The cost of implantation
and temporary dental prosthetics

The price includes: anesthesia (unlimited), implant, implant placement, fixation of the healing abutment, a series of examinations

Nobel Active

Implant placement Nobel Active
1500 €

The patented shape and coating give the highest stability, accelerating the process of implant integration with the bone.

The cost of prosthetics on Nobel implants

Temporary crown
300 €
Zirconia crown
1500 €

Install the Nobel Active implant

Unique implant design for high primary stability and superior esthetic results

Marika Kublashvili

Experienced implant surgeon

Marika Kublashvili

Marika Kublashvili

Dentist surgeon implantologist.

Over 15 years of experience in the field of maxillofacial surgery and implantology. Without a doubt one of the best oral and maxillofacial surgeons in town. Most patients want to get an appointment with him and this is true, because the doctor has vast experience, on his account there are thousands of delivered implants, sinus lifts, bone plastic, periodontal intervention during implantation, one-stage implantation.

According to patients, he has “golden hands” and does the impossible. Once you get a consultation with Marika Kublashvili, you will definitely want to stay for treatment with this doctor.

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