Highly aesthetic dental porcelain crowns

Striving for beauty

Ceramic crowns are the most aesthetic orthopedic structures that are fixed both in the smile area and on chewing teeth.

Unlike metal-ceramic teeth, metal-free crowns do not have a metal frame; they ideally repeat the tumor, color and structure of the tooth fibers. Therefore, with their help, it is possible to solve both functional problems, restoring a destroyed tooth, and preserving it naturally and naturally.

Ceramics has a biologically inert property, is well perceived by the body. It does not accumulate a population, and it does not emit harmful substances, so the gum around the ceramic crowns remains healthy and beautiful.

Aesthetic ceramic prostheses are difficult to distinguish from real teeth.

An important difference is that ceramic crowns are thinner than metal-ceramic ones, so the processing of teeth is minimal.

Porcelain crowns adhere tightly to the enamel, which prevents the penetration of bacteria under the crown.

Ceramic crowns are the best choice for restoring aesthetics and chewing function.

Ilia Abelashvili

dentist orthopedist

Let's make your smile perfect

Porcelain crowns will radically transform your smile, just like ceramic veneers. Their difference is that they cover the entire surface of the tooth.

We carry out a photo protocol and complex diagnostics

We design the future shape and color of teeth

We make highly aesthetic ceramic crowns

An irresistible urge to smile

The cost of dental prosthetics with ceramic crowns

Let's return youth to a smile!

Ilia Abelashvili
dentist - orthopedist

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