Dental prosthetics on implants

Reliable restoration of teeth

In dental implantation, the surgical and prosthetic parts are inseparable and both are important components of success. We choose the principle of teamwork, when the surgeon, orthopedist, technician and the patient himself make a joint decision when planning treatment. The ideal position of the implant and the correct prosthetic design are decisive factors for creating an aesthetically and functionally correct work.

With the help of implantation it is possible:

Restoration of single teeth with crowns. The crown can be made of metal-ceramic or zircon and ceramic.
Restoration of several lost teeth - a bridge-like prosthesis based on two implants. The bridge can also have a ceramic-metal or zirconium base and be covered with ceramics.
Restoration of an edentulous jaw is possible with the help of a removable or bridge structure, and conditionally removable prostheses that are fixed on 4 or 6 implants.

Ilia Abelashvili


Dental prosthetics on implants

Most of the elements for prosthetics on implants are made of zirconium dioxide.

High accuracy

We achieve high accuracy thanks to modern digital technologies

Recovering lost teeth

We get rid of the inconvenience associated with missing teeth

Confidence in the future

We create conditions for a long service life of the implant and crown

Any age

Implantation allows you to restore teeth at any age

The cost of dental prosthetics on implants

Let's return youth to a smile!

Ilia Abelashvili
dentist - orthopedist

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Prosthetics of the 1st tooth
screw retained, zirconia abutment and crown

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Prosthetics of 4 teeth with a zirconium dioxide bridge
screw retained, titanium abutment, zirconium crown


Restoration of the dentition on implants

How much does the treatment cost
What will a smile look like?
How long will the treatment take?