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Comfortable dentures

The older generation went through many difficulties, which, of course, affected the teeth. Unfortunately, the absence of all teeth is not uncommon, most people in adulthood are forced to look for the possibility of their prosthetics.

We have extensive experience with various materials and have carefully analyzed them, interviewing patients about their comfort of use, and selected the most comfortable in various price groups.

Together with temporary prostheses, total prosthetics on implants is gaining popularity, and we are convinced that this direction is the future. We have already transferred several dozen of our patients from temporary to permanent, and everyone has noticed an improvement in the quality of life.

If you are concerned about this topic, call us and we will find the best solution for you.

Ilia Abelashvili

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Optimal solution

Complete edentia is common in the elderly. This is not a reason to limit communication and nutrition. We will select the best prosthesis for you, it will help you return to a full life.

Eliminate all inflammatory processes in the mouth

How to create an accurate gum cast

We make aesthetic and comfortable prostheses

You smile and eat with pleasure

The cost of removable dentures

Eat and smile with confidence!

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Acrylic dentures

200 ლ

partial for 1-3 teeth

500 ლ

full jaw

Nylon prostheses

300 €

partial for 1-3 teeth

800 €

full jaw
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