Gum treatment

Healthy gums - strong teeth

More than 80% of the world's population suffers from periodontal disease.

Symptoms that indicate periodontal disease are: swelling of the gums, bleeding, bad breath. Later, gum loss becomes noticeable and the roots of the teeth are exposed.

The disease is chronic and requires systematic treatment. Treatment of periodontitis may include only therapeutic treatment, and may be supplemented by surgical operations.

Periodontal tissues can be easily regenerated with proper and timely treatment.

Conservative treatment of periodontitis includes: professional hygiene (removal of soft and hard deposits), removal of tartar, treatment with the Vector apparatus and the use of other aids.

Surgical treatment involves plastic gums. Periodontal tissues are quite plastic and easily regenerated.

Periodontitis is curable and teeth can be saved throughout life, the main thing is timely diagnosis and adequate treatment. To maintain the effect of treatment, it is necessary to regularly attend preventive examinations so that the disease does not recur.

Natali Sakhelashvili