Splinting of movable teeth

Dental stability

Splinting of teeth is the combination of a certain group of teeth into one solid block to redistribute the chewing load in order to prevent their loss.

The unification of teeth is required when they are highly mobile, which occurs with periodontal disease.

Movable teeth are combined with healthy and more stable ones, so that the chewing load is distributed more evenly. With this method, the “life span” of mobile teeth is doubled.
Typically, fiber strands or tapes are used for combining.

It is important to say that hygiene is difficult at the installation site of such a design. Therefore, it is necessary to visit the dentist more often and carry out professional oral hygiene once every 2-3 months. Otherwise, periodontitis will be provoked and caries will worsen.

Natali Sakhelashvili

preliminary local anesthesia

you will not feel anything, since all actions will take place under anesthesia

securely tie several teeth with tape

connect the teeth with a hypoallergenic tape, fix it with a composite

mobility is eliminated, inflammation disappears

natural color is restored, gum loss stops

gum is restored

Maintain hygiene and the gum will partially return to its previous level

The cost of hardware gum treatment

Healthy gums are the key to preserving teeth for many years to come!

Natali Sakhelashvili


consultation of a periodontist dentist

300 ლ

Splinting of movable teeth with fiberglass thread

100 ლ

Diagnosis of periodontitis of the entire oral cavity

How much does the treatment cost
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