Treatment and prevention

High standards

Caries is caused by microorganisms present on the hard tissues of the tooth and their waste products. In the human oral cavity there is a very large number of microorganisms that multiply very quickly. Even if the teeth are thoroughly cleaned, their number can reach a million in 2-4 hours.

There are conditions that contribute to the development of caries, these are:

  • Hereditary predisposition
  • The nature of nutrition - features of deficiency of micronutrients, proteins and vitamins
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Low immunity

If caries is not treated in time, caries can become complicated, manifested by pulpitis (inflammation of the nerve) and / or periodontitis (inflammation of the tissues around the root), which can eventually lead to tooth loss.

How to protect yourself from the development of caries?

  • Regular oral care.
  • By reducing the consumption of sugary foods.
  • The use of toothpastes containing calcium and fluoride.
  • Use of mouth rinses.
  • Preventive visits to the dentist 2 times a year.
  • Correction of malocclusion.

As soon as your child is teething, learn to brush your teeth. Teeth cleaning should be done with the help and supervision of parents. It is desirable if we take care of dental care and hygienic cleanliness at an early age in a playful way, which will make a person a daily habit of preparation and adulthood.

Natia Vardosanidze
dentist therapist