Delicate tooth extraction

Remove the tooth but keep the bone

Tooth extraction seems to be a simple surgical procedure, but in reality, it requires a lot of experience and practical skills.

A correctly and atraumatically extracted tooth is the most important factor in how the site of the extracted tooth is maintained. This affects how aesthetically and functionally we will be able to restore this tooth with the help of implantation and prosthetics.

Marika Kublashvili
founder of the clinic, professor, surgeon implantologist

Atraumatic tooth extraction

If a tooth is cracked or broken below the gum level, we will carefully remove it and offer to restore it with an implant.

trying to save a tooth

We restore a tooth if we see the possibility of a long-term positive result

removal by objective indications

Removing a tooth using a special instrument and an ultrasonic scalpel

we sew a hole

We apply a drug that accelerates healing and suture the hole

we offer implantation

We talk about the possibility of restoring a lost tooth

Tooth extraction cost

Atraumatic tooth extraction shortens the recovery time.

Marika kublashvili

surgeon - dentist- implantologist


Removal of a
movable tooth

100-150 ლ


250-500 €

Complicated extraction of an
impacted tooth
How much does the treatment cost
What will a smile look like?
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