Teeth whitening

safe and comfortable

Natural whiteness

The Zoom teeth whitening procedure is effective and absolutely safe. The cold beam of a special LED lamp is used, which eliminates the heating of the tissues of the tooth and its surrounding structures.

A special protective coating is applied to the gums, then a whitening gel is applied to the enamel, which is activated by an intense stream of light.

Whitening can be done in two ways:
1. At the doctor's office (office whitening)
2. At home (whitening using an individual tray)

After office whitening, which lasts 1 hour, teeth are whitened up to 4-8 tones.
If you follow the advice of the dentist after the whitening procedure, the result will be preserved for many years.

Natia VardosaniDze


Teeth are 12-16 shades lighter

We use a comfortable and effective professional whitening system.

We clean the surface of the teeth from plaque

We perform whitening and compare the results

Strengthening teeth with mineralizing gel

You smile and enjoy the whiteness of your teeth

Teeth whitening cost

Your smile will shine!

Natia Vardosanidze
dentist - therapist
Paste and brush free

500 ლ

whitening ZOOM 4

Whitening of two jaws, 
duration 45 minutes,

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Natia Vardosanidze

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