Diagnostics and dentist consultation

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Dental consultation is important for both you and us. This is an opportunity to show you our approach to work. We do not just examine, take an x-ray and fill out a card. We photograph both jaws and document problem areas in detail so that you can see any problems the doctor discusses with you as your doctor sees them.

Visibility greatly simplifies the understanding of all processes and helps to build the optimal sequential processing plan that will match your priorities and financial capabilities.

Naturally, all photos, as well as the treatment plan, are sent to you by mail so that you can refer to them when you think and make decisions.
We have tried to make the stage of diagnosis and consultation as useful as possible for patients.

You can see the benefits of a consultation with a photo protocol by making an appointment with us at a convenient time for you.

Natali Sakhelashvili
dentist therapist for children and adolescents, periodontist
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